Letter: Preparation is key to future success



What great news in the Dec. 17 story “A windfall for early learning: State wins $60M to get more high-needs kids ready for kindergarten.” Gov. Chris Gregoire’s knowledge and efforts are bringing in federal millions for preschool education. Thank you, governor, and thanks to our fine Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., who also understands the benefits of preschool programs. Both the governor and senator know that preschool support means far more than preparing children for kindergarten.

Important brain growth takes place during the preschool years, growth that underlies not only future academic success, but cooperation with other people and functioning as a member of society. Parents are included in preschool programs, enabling them to teach, feed and care for their children in healthy ways. The money for preschool education will help Washington state produce more competent and responsible citizens.

Mollie S. Smart, Ridgefield