Letter: Sympathy hard to bestow



The Dec. 19 story reported “Trail’s closure riles residents.” Congratulations to Paul Schwabe for standing up for the 1 percent over the trail closure in front of the Tidewater Cove Condominium complex. He represented them as the rest of us have come to expect. As he says, “This repair is not that big of a deal.” The city estimates the initial cost before construction to be $100,000 to $200,000. The complex was built on river deposits, which are largely sand left there by the company and river flooding. What would you expect in future high water events? When these real expensive condos were built, did developers erect strong barriers to this natural flooding?

Of course, allowing the city a pathway along the river gives Schwabe and the rest of the residents the chance to have the 99 percent pick up their costs. We the 99 percent realize that the 1 percent get “tired of the delays.” Why doesn’t he pass the hat around the complex. To them, it would probably “not be that big of a deal.” Also, if we 99 percent all play nice, I am sure they will not be “put out” by allowing us to walk past these castles after the repairs are done. (All quotes are made by Schwabe in the story.)

Bill and Marilyn Feddeler, Vancouver