Letter: Jobs are needed



The Canadian Keystone XL pipeline proposal running from Canada to Texas is just what this country needs during the current dire economic condition. A Dec. 17 story in The Columbian reported, “Senate leaders agree on tax cuts, jobless benefits: Accord would require Obama to make quick decision on pipeline.”

TransCanada has made projections of creating at least 20,000 “shovel ready” jobs and will provide much-needed energy for the nation. A no-brainer if there ever was one.

So why President Obama won’t sign on to it appears baffling … that is until we analyze his reasoning. He is afraid of losing the far-left environmentalists’ support for his re-election in 2012. So what does this boil down to? That he is willing to deprive workers the opportunity for jobs while he selfishly seeks to protect his own job, for political purposes. And this guy is trying to seek your vote for re-election? If you are not in the far-left camp give it some thought.,

E. Bruce Preece