Letter: Share a Christmas wish



We all need to learn to forgive and forget.

The reason we argue with the people we love is because we expect the most out of them, and on that same token we take them the most for granted.

The next time our friend or spouse says something that hurts our feelings, or seems to marginalize our standing, the first thing that needs to come to our mind is forgiveness. We need to tell ourselves that it is not them speaking, it is the resentment speaking, it is the long day at work speaking, it is the open sore from the inconsiderate comment you made yesterday speaking.

When somebody close to us says something rude or inconsiderate to us, we need to say, “I forgive you for that.” If they can see that you are sincere, and that your heart is in the right place, their response to that can only be “Thank you.”

If we can learn to forgive and forget past transgressions, as well as present ones, especially with the ones closest to us, we can make all our lives more valuable, meaningful and poignant.

Don vonAhlefeld