C-Tran bus gets stuck in fire station’s driveway

Crane lifts it back onto road in Salmon Creek; driver had missed turn




A C-Tran bus headed for the Salmon Creek Park & Ride early Tuesday morning ended up spending more than two hours teetering in the driveway of Fire District 6’s Station 63, officials said.

The 40-foot bus was high-centered in the driveway of the fire station at 134th Street and 10th Avenue, said Scott Patterson, C-Tran spokesman. That’s just a few hundred feet from the park-and-ride lot, Patterson noted.

The operator missed a turn and was trying to get the bus back on route, he said, adding that she was trying to get onto 10th Avenue and “misjudged the spacing and where she was going. Compounding the issue is it was still dark.”

The bus remained in the driveway until 9:08 a.m., Patterson said. It took a truck with a crane to lift the bus back onto the road, Patterson said.

The No. 105 bus travels between downtown Portland and the Salmon Creek Park & Ride. One passenger, a bicyclist, was on the bus at the time and was able to exit while the bus was high-centered, Patterson said.