Weather Eye: Wet weather expected to return in earnest on Wednesday



Christmas brought us a change in our weather pattern, although the first weather system deposited little rain in our local area. But it did open the door to a series of storms as the rest of the week looks to be very active. In fact, Wednesday looks like a real soaker. If you were missing the rain earlier this month, you will feel right at home.

Depending just where the low centers travel, we could see some very high winds in some locations, especially along the coast. Inland valleys of western Washington could possibly get some damaging winds, so keep that in mind. If you got a new weather radio for Christmas, keep it on standby for the latest watches, warnings or advisories. Also, if traveling anywhere, be aware of the local conditions.

Late in the week would be an excellent time to head to the beach for some good storm watching but beware of walking the beach as the swells will be dangerous. The mountains will be a mixed bag of sorts. With rising freezing levels, we may see rain at times at the pass levels and snow only above 6,000 feet or so. It all depends on the pressure gradients and those warm southerly winds.

We may get a bit of high pressure by New Year’s Eve and have a brief dry spell for the New Year festivities.

The Christmas Day storm was much stronger in the Puget Sound region, with high winds reported. A freak accident on Whidbey Island south of Freeland caused the death of a young girl as a tree top snapped and fell upon a moving vehicle, seriously injuring the father and killing the daughter. Winds in the area were sustained at 54 mph, with gusts to 61 mph elsewhere. There were numerous reports of damages, with trees down, power outages and roofs partially blown off.

Yep, the train finally left the station. Guess I missed the “all aboard” call. Enjoy your week.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at