First day of scheduled Wash. bridge tolling



SEATTLE (AP) — As the first day of scheduled tolling dawns for one of Washington state’s busiest bridges — key questions remain. How many drivers scrambled at the last minute to get the “Good to Go” sticker that automatically bills them? And how many plan to revolt — and drive an alternate route?

State transportation officials have said they expect Thursday’s traffic on the Highway 520 bridge across Lake Washington to be much lighter than usual. Traffic is already down because of the holiday week and that’s before any motorists try a toll-free route, such as the Interstate 90 bridge across the lake. Officials say the real test will come next Tuesday, when more people return to work.

As of Wednesday, 520 toll system director Patty Rubstello said only about 20 percent of regular bridge commuters had their debit sticker installed.

Those without the sticker will be billed by mail for the toll — plus a $1.50 surcharge.