Letter: Caution is correct course



Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., is correct in calling for a complete environmental review and public involvement in any proposals for test drilling or mining near Mount St. Helens, reported Dec. 21: “Senator urges a grilling before drilling.”

Test drilling is just the first step leading to an open-pit copper mine.

Ascot Resources, a Canadian company, would not be investing in test drilling here, including bringing drill rigs and engineers down from Canada, if it did not intend to develop a full-scale mining operation.

Clean water and air, fish and wildlife, recreation and a federal half-interest in the minerals in Ascot’s claim are public resources that merit a thorough public review.

I have hiked and camped along the Green River and in the adjacent Mount Margaret Backcountry; I want to know what is at stake.

Susan Saul