Letter: Poor service has led to decline



Want to know the real reason behind the postal service have declines in service? It’s simple, really. Here is a perfect example of why people are using email and other ways to communicate anymore.

I sent five Christmas cards with pictures out to various places. Five out of five had issues upon arrival to where they were going. One person didn’t receive the card or the pictures that were sent. Three people received the card, but the envelope had been sliced open (you can tell from the look of the envelope it wasn’t a machine), and the others? The others had the envelopes cut open and only the card.

We have had so many magazines come up missing over the years, we just decided we would purchase them online and read them electronically.

At least then we are guaranteed to receive them.

I have narrowed it down to where the pictures and/or cards have come up missing, but this clearly explains why people no longer feel safe or want to use the postal service to send/receive mail or photos.

When you can no longer trust the postal service to do as they have sworn to do, then their procedures need to be checked out further.

Jennifer Smith