Letter: Who’s to blame for your own choices?



The Dec. 27 story, “Detention takes toll on family; Omak woman spent nearly three years in immigration center,” seems to be written to make us all feel sorry for this woman.

Do I feel sorry for her? No. Life is about choices. Choices have consequences. Whoever brought her to the U.S. as a child chose to ignore our immigration laws and so did she as an adult. Legally, she should not have been in this country at all.

How, as an illegal immigrant, was she working in the public school system? I volunteered in the schools and had to be fingerprinted and have my background checked.

The story downplays that she was arrested on a drug charge. Working with kids and driving a bus after having a drug charge? Again, she made a choice to use drugs.

She was also convicted on a domestic violence charge against her husband. Another great choice.

Who do I feel sorry for? Her kids. Because of her choices, the kids have been without their mother and live in a state of uncertainty.

It is not the big, mean U. S. government that has caused her problems, it is her own choices.

Kim Rich