Letter: Criticism of Obama lacks facts



Rick Jackson’s Dec. 26 letter, “Obamacare must be repealed,” calls for a reply. He states that he and many others “believe Obamacare is an unconstitutional effort to move the U.S. toward socialized medicine.” Jackson fails to say how it leads to socialized medicine or what is unconstitutional about it. The Supreme Court is taking up the subject and we’ll soon learn whether it is or is not constitutional.

Then he states that Obamacare “is already stunting economic growth and interfering with liberty.” If Jackson would cite even a single piece of evidence for that statement, I would support his cause, but I have never seen so much as a shred of evidence for that accusation. Stunting growth and interfering with liberty? How? In what way? Give me facts. He goes on with “Obamacare … was passed against the will of the American people.” Really? Did our elected senators and representatives deliberately act against the people’s will? That some people have stirred up opposition doesn’t mean that the people’s will was violated. It only means that some anti-Obama militants want to believe it to be a fact. Without examples to validate, his entire argument is nothing but blind spouting of unsupported myths.

Larry H. McCagg

Battle Ground