Letter: Medical marijuana myths rebutted



I’m responding to Elwood Bonner’s Dec. 27 letter, “Medical pot plan too inclusive.” I’m quoting from his first paragraph, “According to the Dec. 22 story in The Columbian, ‘State considers adding ADD, OCD to medical pot list,’ the state of Washington is considering legalizing the use of marijuana for anyone who has a medical problem of any kind. For instance, attention deficit disorder or obsessive compulsive disorder would qualify. Other unrelated diseases, such as a ‘social disorder’ and ‘intractable pain,’ also would make the grade.”

This previous paragraph is almost wholly false. “Intractable pain” is an acceptable condition — now. “Social disorder” was previously declined. The state of Washington is not considering legalizing the use of cannabis for anyone who has “a medical problem of any kind.” I found his letter wholly disingenuous. Further, I can’t help but wonder his motivation. The last reference to cannabis being an “addictive gateway drug” could give us a hint? That hypothesis was debunked some time ago. May I recommend you point your favorite search engine to http://pubmed.gov. Once there, enter in the search box THC, CBD and a malady of your choice. Heck, try ADD and OCD. Please educate yourself.

Jim Kennedy