Letter: Time is right to support bond



I admit it. I am a strong supporter of Ridgefield public schools. The teachers, staff and school board members do a great job delivering high-quality education with limited funding. Ridgefield School District’s recent statewide test scores were among the best in Clark County, yet what we pay in property taxes to support our schools is one of the lowest.

Student performance is even more impressive given the shortcomings of the school facilities. Enrollment exceeds capacity by more than 30 percent. Students spend valuable class time moving between main buildings and portables, multiple programs must share the same space, and too many students must share the same special equipment.

Now is the time for the Ridgefield community to invest in its school facilities. Construction costs and interest rates are low, allowing each dollar to go further. The current bond proposal is balanced and fiscally responsible. Each school will get needed classrooms, core facilities and safety improvements. And the investments can be incorporated in future facility development when that occurs.

The need is there. The plan is sound. The time is right. Join me in voting “yes” on the Ridgefield school improvement bond on Feb. 14.

Paul Lewis