Site to take old block foam, electronics



With the holidays over, don’t let leftover block foam stack up in the garage along with used electronic items.

Both items can be recycled for free from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Jan. 7 at the Fisher’s Landing Transit Center, 3510 S.E. 164th Ave.

Empower Up, a local nonprofit group, will accept computers and other electronic equipment. Refurbished computers are given to students and families in need.

Working electronic equipment no more than five years old is preferred, but nonfunctioning and obsolete equipment will be accepted.

Recyclers are advised not to bring televisions, computer monitors or microwave ovens.

For a list of free electronic waste drop-off sites that accept televisions, visit

Block foam can be any color, but it must be clean and bagged or boxed. No plastic-wrapped yellow urethane foam, spongy polypropylene foam, hot-tub covers, packing peanuts or foam with cardboard, tape or metal attached will be accepted.

Only Clark County residents may participate, and people need to remain on site until staff has examined and accepted the material.

Businesses may bring in loads of foam no larger than what will fit in a passenger van.