Letter: Plug any possibility of pipeline



The proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline is a disaster waiting to happen. The route of migrating endangered whooping cranes, of which there are more than 70 breeding pairs, shadows the proposed route as the whooping crane travels back and forth from its Canadian breeding grounds to the Louisiana Delta.

Tar sand oil is very corrosive and very dirty. It is the most toxic of all petroleum products.

With the planet already in trouble from rising atmospheric carbon dioxide levels from the burning of fossil fuels, is it really worth the probable extinction of whooping cranes to build this monument to oil company greed?

Are we to allow the perpetuation of Nigerian Delta-like toxic oil waste from spills, of which Keystone suffered from 12 times in the past year, not to mention the endangerment to Canada’s boreal forest through toxic waste from tar sand extraction?

The easy answer is a resounding “no.”

Dennis York