Talking Points: Big Week 17 in the NFL



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Reason 1,437,098 the NFL rules.

Take a look at Sunday’s schedule. The regular-season finale has 16 games and 12 actually mean something. Some teams are still fighting for playoff spots. Others are fighting for playoff seeding.

This is what the NFL wanted a couple years back when it started scheduling all division games in Week 17. Of course, it hasn’t always worked out this way. But this year, wow. The NFL Sunday Ticket will come in handy to those fans who have it. The Red Zone Channel will be busy, too.

The 1:15 p.m. Pacific time games will be fun. The Ravens take on the Bengals in a game both teams want to win. The Ravens are looking for a first-round bye. The Bengals want to assure themselves of a playoff spot. Two rival games — Broncos vs. Chiefs, Raiders vs. Chargers — will determine the AFC West. A number of teams are still in position to take the final AFC Wild Card.

Then on Sunday night, the playoffs start a week early, so to speak. The Cowboys and Giants play for the NFC East title. The winner makes the playoffs. The loser goes home.


Want a free car?

Get over to Cleveland today and buy a Kia … and then hope for the Browns to shut out the Steelers.

Yep, a dealer will give you the car for free you buy the car before the game, and then the Browns keep the Steelers from scoring.

According to pro football reference, a team with a non-winning record has shut out a playoff team just once in the final month of the season dating back to 2001. One time in 291 opportunities.

Good luck with that.

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