Oregon gets B+ for invasive species battle in 2010



SALEM, Ore. (AP) — The annual report card that grades the battle against invasive species in Oregon rated the state a B-plus for 2010, a notch below its grade the previous year.

The Oregon Invasive Species Council assessment covers five areas — reporting invasive species, outreach and education, planning, funding and success at excluding invasive species.

The state got an A-minus in 2009. But the council said it made positive gains in 2010, including preparations for the launch of a statewide invasive species database in February.

Oregon also implemented the first year of an Aquatic Invasive Species permit program, which included roaming watercraft inspection stations and decontamination wash stations throughout the state.

The council said Oregon did slip a little in holding the 100 worst invaders at bay in 2010.