Retiring Krispy Kreme employee leaves a hole




Sunnyside — Those who might have been on tour at the Hazel Dell Krispy Kreme might remember Harold Franklin for his chants of “Krispy Kreme — Hot Doughnuts.”

Franklin, who retired from the store Jan. 12, will be missed. He was one of the first employees hired when the doughnut shop opened seven years ago. Franklin earned the title Team Member of the Month at least 10 times and Team Member of the Quarter several times.

Franklin was a hit with guests, especially when he lead school children on tours.

A company spokeswoman, Patty Brown, said he regularly received thank-you notes after group tours. Once he got a Christmas card from a family who had moved out of state and wanted him to know they still remembered him, and how special he made them feel when they came in to get doughnuts.