Of contests and hard workers

By Lou Brancaccio, Columbian Editor



L’amore è nell’aria!

Yes, with Valentine’s Day just a few hours away, love is — indeed — in the air.

Forget about that little Chicago incident back in 1929 that sort of gave Valentine’s Day a bad name when the town was painted the wrong shade of red.

This day is for lovers and what we love!

And we know one of the things we love is our great city of Vancouver. So a few folks got together here and said let’s give away a $50 gift certificate to Beaches restaurant to the person who comes up with the best “Why I love the Couv” info.

You enter by going to http://facebook.com/thecolumbian. (Going through Facebook is the only way you can enter.)

If you win the “I Love The Couv” contest, you’ll also appear on Columbian.com and in the newspaper.

Good luck!

o o o

Now some of you, right about now, might be saying something like “Wait a second, isn’t some crazy guy down at The Columbian running some sort of strange ‘Couv’ contest and what’s up with that?”

Huh? Oh wait a second, I think some of you are right. It has to do with renaming our great city, Vancouver, “The Couv.”

I’m being told there was something in the water — or the smoked salmon — when the crazy guy came up with that idea.

I’m being told he’s slowly recovering but lying low.

I’m being told that the winner of that contest will get lunch with the crazy guy and be announced right here in this column next Saturday.

That is, if he’s all better by then.

o o o

Of course there’s a big difference — in my humble opinion — between renaming Vancouver “The Couv” and simply calling it “The Couv.”

We know, for example, that Mayor Tim Leavitt refers to Vancouver as “The Couv.”

And get this. After tracking down former Mayor Royce Pollard — Mr. “America’s Vancouver” — even this old soldier said he might have referred to Vancouver as “The Couv.”

(You should read might here as a yes.)

So relax, don’t get your socks in a bunch and enjoy life. Enjoy Valentine’s Day. Enjoy this new contest.

Most of all, enjoy The Couv!

Lots of players

On occasion, I’ve mentioned that there are so many more players in putting out a newspaper than just the newsroom.

Sure, I believe the newsroom is pretty dang important. But it’s not all just about us.

Until the Internet — and we’re a growing piece of that as well — inches its way atop of the print product, there will always be important players in departments like production and circulation.

I was reminded of this Friday when a subscriber from Battle Ground sent me an e-mail.

“First of all I just want to say how much I enjoy our paper, The Columbian.

“But I’m most interested in highlighting the efforts of a wonderful person — Patty — our carrier out here in the country.

“We sometimes just take things for granted. When I walk out my front door and take the ‘trek,’ I just reach into the bright blue box and pull out The Columbian. I never see her, but I know she was there.

“Rain or snow and in every kind of weather in between, I find the paper there.

“Thank you Patty!“

Well, I’d like to thank Patty as well. And thank you so much, Robbie Burchfield, for taking the time to let us know. And thanks for being a loyal Columbian reader!

Lou Brancaccio is The Columbian’s editor. Reach him at 360-735-4505 or lou.brancaccio@columbian.com.@

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