Readers React: Of Madore and Mayor Leavitt




Vancouver businessman and financier David Madore spurred a lively discussion on Editor Lou Brancaccio’s PressTalk column over the weekend. Madore, who verified by phone on Monday that he was indeed behind the comments on the site, responded to readers’ questions about his views on the Columbia River Crossing project.

The column has since attracted more than 200 reader comments and a conversation that one reader, “AllenAnderson,” called “probably the most civil discussion in weeks.”

Below is a sample of the conversation. Read the full column and reader response at PressTalk: Of Madore and Mayor Leavitt.

Although the column focuses on what kind of material does and doesn’t warrant press coverage from the paper’s perspective versus Madore’s, the focus of the conversation ended up highlighting readers’ views on the I-5 bridge project. It was a thoughtful conversation that presented diverse viewpoints. Thanks for contributing!

“Mister Madore, care to share YOUR side of the story? I’m all ears.” – goldenoldie

“goldenoldie, Glad to. I invite you to ask a specific question and see if I can offer an answer that makes sense.” – DavidMadore

“Okay David…mind if I call you David? Let me start with this one- Are you against a bridge replacement or just against tolling and why?” – goldenoldie

“The Columbian and Mayor Leavitt would have you believe that citizens that oppose their $8.7 billion project to build the wrong thing on the wrong side of the river are opposed to building a third bridge.

That is not even close to being true. The 192nd Ave Bridge 4 miles east of the I-205 can be built without tolls for less money that the CRC project would pay just to install tolling equipment and parking structures. That bridge can be built for 5% of the CRC project.” – DavidMadore

“Mr. Madore, I don’t know your game and I’m not sure anyone does. I suspect you have hidden motive. Why would anyone spend as much money as you have to try to keep “tolls” off of a new bridge? It makes no sense. Do you have so much money that you don’t have anything else to buy or spend it on? I can’t believe you are doing it out of the goodness of your heart. I don’t trust people that seem to be hiding things and you look like you are. Care to explain?” -Hawkeye

“It is sad when we find it hard to believe that anyone would do anything without a selfish motive. We are so used to hearing “What’s in it for me?” What could I gain? I don’t need money. I would rather continue doing what I love to do, inventing practical solutions in the world of motion control.” – DavidMadore

“WHO do you think will drive to 192nd to cross the river for a job in downtown Portland, Mr. Madore? Or in Beaverton, Lake Oswego, etc. Dumb idea, in my opinion! Way too far east!” – Mrs_T

“There is already a plan in place to build the 192nd Ave Bridge. It’s been there for years. But our current representatives want to ignore that. That would be a cimple and low cost solution because it is essentially another Glenn Jackson Bridge with nearly identical landings and footings.” – DavidMadore

Read the full column and reader response at PressTalk: Of Madore and Mayor Leavitt.