Vancouver man sentenced for assault on baby




A Vancouver man was sentenced this morning to 41 months in prison for assaulting his month-old son in September.

Byron S. Frazier, 37, pleaded guilty to second-degree assault of a child, admitting he intentionally inflicted serious bodily injury on his son, Zaden, who was 34 days old at the time.

Clark County Superior Court Judge Robert Lewis went with prosecutors’ recommendation for the low end of the sentencing range of 41 to 54 months in prison because Frazier quickly accepted responsibility.

Deputy Prosecutor Dustin Richardson said that on the morning of Oct. 1, Zaden was rushed to Southwest Washington Medical Center by his mother with a large bruise on his abdomen in the shape of an adult hand. The crime occurred the evening of Sept. 30.

Defense attorney David Kurtz said his client confessed to striking the child because he was upset at him while changing his diaper.

Kurtz said Frazier has anger problems.

Asked whether the baby suffered any long-term injuries, Richardson said: “It didn’t cause internal injuries, so I would say they’re not ongoing.”

Frazier received credit for the 52 days he’s spent in the Clark County Jail.