Local lawmakers respond to vote on health care law repeal



Here are statements by U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera, R-Camas, who voted for repeal of the health care law Wednesday, and U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash.

Herrera: “Today’s vote marks an important first step in bringing affordable, quality health care to families in Southwest Washington and across America. This vote must only be the first step. (Today) our work begins on replacing last year’s overhaul with patient-centered solutions that will lower costs; solutions like the ability to purchase insurance across state lines, the expanded use of Health Savings Accounts, the end of junk lawsuits and the use of Small Business Health Plans. I urge my colleagues from both political parties to heed to voices of Americans who are asking for a better plan.”

Murray: “Today, Republicans showed us where their priorities lie. We should be working together to create jobs, strengthen the middle class, and keep our economy on the right track to recovery. Instead, they voted to take away tax breaks for small businesses, to allow insurance companies to deny care to sick children, and to raise the cost of medicine for our seniors. They voted to make a political statement. That statement comes with a price tag — $230 billion. With one vote, House Republicans chose to spend $230 billion dollars, eliminate new jobs, and take away health insurance from 32 million people. It’s unfair to the American people and unfortunate at a time when solutions should trump political gamesmanship.”