Letter: Obama has yet to earn respect



I take exception to the June 26 letter, “Our silence enables the abusers,” from Morry Secrest, who decries the lack of facts versus opinion and the apparent disrespect for the office of president of the United States.

Health care is by far not the only arena where the Obama administration has sacrificed the rule of law for its own political expediency. It has shredded the Constitution’s appointments clause to install his favored bureaucrats at regulatory agencies. Then there was the refusal to enforce anti-voting fraud laws, the government takeover of private industry, oil drilling moratoriums and shakedown of BP, rewriting our nation’s immigration laws by simply not enforcing them, and his contempt of Congress regarding the War Powers Resolution and our involvement in Libya.

I respect the office but the office-holder has not earned my respect. I think the majority agrees with me.

The right way forward for America should pursue targeted policy solutions that address practical problems faced by millions of Americans in a step-by-step and fully transparent legislative process. I’m tired of our commander in chief leading from the rear. I want to see command decisions that reflect the rule of law instead of poll-tested campaigning. That’s the way to earn respect.

Michael Siebert, Vancouver