Letter: Light rail carries many benefits



Residents of Clark County, please listen. We have spent millions of dollars planning the Columbia River Crossing and we are still arguing the case for light rail to be included. I am not an engineer or a bridge builder, but I am a sensible man. When there is a tough decision to be made, you measure the cost/benefit and live with your decision.

Right now the cost is as inexpensive as it will ever be. The light rail can be installed while the bridge is built. Light rail will help eliminate fuel emissions, ridership pays the bills, eliminate parking costs for visiting downtown Portland, provide transportation to sporting events, theater and other activities, and it will bring more revenue to our own economy in the downtown Vancouver area. Those are just a few benefits I can think of right now.

The only real argument I have heard against the light rail is that crime will increase. Really?

Build the light rail.

Bruce Courtway, Vancouver