Letter: Light rail is being forced on residents



Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt and the majority of his City Council cohorts (the lone voice being Councilwoman Jeanne Stewart) continue to shove down the throats of residents the Columbia River Crossing boondoggle when they supported the environmental impact statement for the “new crossing.” The CRC is a concocted group designed to shove light rail into Vancouver. This project has never been about a bridge.

Allowing residents of Clark County to vote on the maintenance of light rail was a promise from past leaders no longer in office. Now many of the officials are trying to steal that vote away while making everyone in this county pick up this tab of billions of dollars. I am sick of it. The mayor and the city council have their heads so far in Utopia that they can’t see what is really good for our city.

We have real problems in funding of our fire and police departments, but instead officials are more concerned about spending your hard-earned money on boondoggles.

To remedy this we must not squander our vote in upcoming elections. Reassess the city council members and look for people who are more concerned about their constituents. Let’s vote in candidates who really care about the voice of the people.

Micheline Doan, Vancouver