Letter: Reduce time frame for fireworks



On June 28, I was already listening to the fireworks start up for July 4. I understand that people wish to have fun and to do it with friends and family around an activity — in this case, fireworks.

Putting aside for a minute that this is air, ground and noise pollution all rolled into one, what I don’t understand is why this needs to encompass almost an entire week.

July 4 is a day, not a week.

For most pets it is a very frightening experience. My dog becomes distraught, shaking violently and panting excessively until long after the noise has abated. Many cities in Washington have banned the use of fireworks. Those that have not have limited their use to a reasonable time frame — a few days. I am not sure why Camas needs to be on the extreme of the continuum here.

The pro-fireworks contingent may be more vocal, but I suspect they are a minority. If this were put to a vote, I believe the majority of residents would support limiting the time frame to something more reasonable.

It is time for the residents to let the Camas City Council know how they feel on this issue.

Scott Culbertson, Camas