Letter: Medical group’s arrogance apparent



The American Medical Association voted to confirm its support for Obamacare, and specifically, portions that have been declared unconstitutional now by various federal courts.

The AMA, a small minority voice in medicine (much less than 20 percent of physicians as members), claims to be the voice of America’s doctors — how arrogant.

This arrogance is manifest in many ways, including an arrogance that would ignore the historical fact of the failure of governmental control of health care wherever it has been tried.

The unconstitutional usurpation of constitutional liberty by the federal government is not in the best interest of citizens generally, nor of physicians specifically. Any look at history and the track record of government-controlled health care around the world should prove that support for Obamacare is wrongheaded, and this Ponzi scheme supported by the AMA will fail.

Costs will skyrocket (causing even more-massive deficits and inflation), impersonal rationing will occur, physicians will become de facto government employees (“deserving” of unionization), and citizens will have lost much of their remaining liberty.

The AMA does not speak for me, for the vast majority of physicians, or for any American who cares about liberty and fiscal solvency.

Ricky Lee Jackson, Battle Ground