Letter: Let survival of fittest run its course



I am a longtime Audubon member in two states and am always concerned about the plight of native birds. I do, however, disagree with the plan of the federal government (July 1 story, “New plan for spotted owl targets rival bird for habitat, food”) to attempt to help save our spotted owl by trapping or killing the barred owl from the Eastern United States. At least they are both owls and native to this country. I see it as a case of survival of the fittest and let the situation run its course.

This country is overrun with introduced European starlings and English house sparrows, which are displacing our native Western blue birds but I don’t know of a government program to correct this problem. Man has caused many problems with wildlife, but is a spotted owl removal program a proper use of government money in these difficult economic times? And will it become another permanent program?

Carl H. Tuttle