Stanley Cup to visit our Vancouver

Canucks may have lost finals, but Bruins scout has local ties

By Paul Danzer, Columbian Soccer, hockey and Community Sports Reporter



Lord Stanley’s Cup will visit America’s Vancouver on Aug. 17.

Tom McVie, the Boston Bruins scout who lives in Vancouver, recently learned that he will get the storied hockey trophy between noon and midnight on Aug. 17, a Wednesday.

“I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it,” McVie said.

He noted that 12 hours gives him time to take it many places.

A Vancouver resident for two decades, the 76-year-old McVie has worked for the Bruins for 17 seasons, the last 11 as a scout.

The trophy dates to 1893, and has been awarded to the National Hockey League champion since 1926. The 1994 New York Rangers started a tradition of giving each player and staff member the opportunity to spend a day with the Cup.

Despite working in a variety of jobs and cities, McVie has kept a home in the Vancouver-Portland area since he played for the Portland Buckaroos between 1961 and 1966. McVie has spent 55 years in professional hockey as a player, coach and scout. This is his first Stanley Cup championship.

He did win a World Hockey Association championship in 1999 as the head coach for the Winnepeg Jets.

But nothing beats parading the Cup, which McVie did during a Bruins’ staff party held in Minnesota on the weekend of the recent NHL Draft. The party was in a private room, but McVie was selected to carry the Cup around the public part of the restaurant.

“A thrill of a lifetime,” McVie said, noting that he and a keeper of the Stanley Cup (white gloves and all) spent 40 minutes to an hour making the rounds on the main floor of the establishment. “Everyone in the restaurant wanted their picture taken with it.”

Come Aug. 17, McVie will lead a similar Cup tour here in his home town.

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