WA man jailed for cashing check at Chase bank



AUBURN, Wash. (AP) — An Auburn man says he was jailed after Chase Bank employees wrongly thought his Chase-issued cashier’s check was fake.

Ikenna Njoku told King 5 News that in 2010 when he bought a house he opted for an IRS refund to be deposited in his Chase account. But the bank had closed his account due to overdrawn checks, charged him $600 in fees and sent him a cashier’s check for more than $8,400.

When the 28-year-old attempted to cash that check at a Chase branch, employees thought it was a fake and called the police. Njoku was arrested on a Friday on suspicion of forgery. It wasn’t until Monday that Chase investigators realized their error and notified the police.

Njoku says because of jail time he lost his job and his car, which was auctioned off. He says in a year Chase never apologized.

After the story aired, a Chase bank spokeswoman told King 5 that the bank has apologized and is looking for a resolution.


Information from: KING-TV, http://www.king5.com/