Letter: Confine blasts to Fort Vancouver site



After a brief night’s sleep, I ponder what really happened July 4. The Fort Vancouver National Historic Site offered all-day music and celebration for the benefit of those people who wanted to spend the day there. I thought that was the purpose of reinstating the celebration. Instead, adult residents proceeded to blow up all kinds of fireworks until midnight. What is wrong with this picture?

Wasn’t the idea of the Fort of Vancouver offering a July 4th celebration to assuage the fireworks appetites of the citizenry? Instead, the stands were permitted to crop up all over town, advertising full-page ads, insisting it was our patriotic duty to patronize these places and blow up the town with debris, noise and gun powder. There is a real lack of compassion for the babies who couldn’t sleep, the animals who were frightened to death and the children left with mental anguish. Where’s the heart of our younger generation?

Donna McGrew