Letter: Ban fireworks that make noise



The bombs are bursting in air as I write. These are not ordinary fireworks in my neighborhood. My neighbors have been intent on outdoing each other with explosions that rattle windows and make even brave cats hide under the bed.

Private fireworks are beyond disruptive, out of control and seriously need to be banned in this state.

Our Vancouver City Council fails to initiate a ban, probably due to the revenue received from the sales. If that is an issue I volunteer to start a donation fund drive to collect $4 from everyone who also wants this madness stopped, and I’m sure we could raise enough to offset whatever “losses” the city could possibly face.

Here is another solution: Allow only fireworks that make no noise. Voila! Sell all you want, celebrate to your heart’s content, raise money for the city, set off your fireworks all week, and the rest of us who are at our wit’s end will shut up.

All I could think of were the ill people, the babies, and the many pets being assaulted by this extreme blasting of louder and louder nonstop explosions. What is a shame is that the thoughtless rogues who are the biggest offenders will not be reading letters to the editor.

Nancy K. Bartholomy