Letter: Expecting results from Congress



As we watch Congress fawn to the moneyed interests, with positions on lower taxes for the wealthy, gutting of social programs, and all the while holding our national credit rating hostage, we should be outraged. These clowns were elected to do the people’s business and promote the common good. We send them to Washington, D.C., only to have them contaminated by the system. It seems the only people who benefit from the antics of Congress are the super rich, and the members of Congress themselves.

If they cannot work together on the issue of continuing to fund the government, with rational cuts to spending and justified increases in the tax paid by the richest individuals and companies, then what good are they? So far the lobbyists, representing the moneyed interest, and the Supreme Court have overlooked the power that rests in each state to recall members of Congress. If Congress cannot agree on a workable plan to meet the needs of the nation, then every one of them, regardless of party or tenure, should be recalled. If Congress causes the U.S. to default on its obligations Aug. 2, let activists everywhere make ready immediate recall efforts.

Frank Taylor