Letter: Holiday is behind us … until next year



Another beautiful Fourth of July holiday is behind us. Once again, as in years past, I read in The Columbian the next day about the fun activities and amazing fireworks display at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, and wish so much that I could have been part of it. What a wonderful way to celebrate this very important day in our country’s history with family or friends.

But instead, I spent my July 4 at home, like every year, comforting my dog who either barked or whimpered in fear most of the night, as the Orchards “war zone” battled outside our window. My neighbors, who seem quite pleasant the rest of the year, have a huge vacant field behind their house, but for some reason, lose all sense of courtesy on this holiday and prefer to shoot rockets from the street into our fir trees. I get up for work before 5 a.m., yet the fireworks go on well past the permitted hour throughout the neighborhood, and the dog continues to whine and howl as the cats quiver in fear under the bed.

Happy Fourth one and all.

Andrea Buchmann