Weather Eye: Clouds, possibly showers return to Clark County skies this week



The weather Monday behaved pretty much as forecast and was a bit deceiving in the early morning hours as the sunrise was very brilliant under mostly clear skies. But clouds from the Pacific refreshed the skyscape by early afternoon and looked more familiar to what we have experienced the past several months.

Clouds and cooler air will dominate the skies this week and we even throw in a chance of showers or drizzle. The summer heat remains rather elusive but we still have the latter half of July and all of August to pin a few 90-degree days on the board.

Driving around the community I see things are really starting to grow in the gardens with some corn five feet high! Lots of tomatoes are setting on the plants and at Vancouver’s farmers market more and more local produce. I can hardly wait for some fresh garden tomatoes. When I was a kid my father and I would head out to the garden right around dinnertime on a hot day with the salt shaker and bite into those precious red gems.

Let’s hope we do get some hot weather to turn the green tomatoes into the red variety. We rarely have a green tomato summer, although last year was labeled that by some folks.

I had a letter from my fellow weather observer Roland Derksen in Vancouver, B.C. and he had a cute tale to tell. He wrote that the hottest area in B.C. is up the Fraser Canyon at Lillooet, about 115 miles as the crow files northeast of Vancouver. It is a prime region for tomato crops and regularly sees highs at 100 degrees or better.

He mentioned, “They were many Wild West stories about Lillooet including one about a scheme to introduce camels as pack animals to replace horses in that area because of its dry desertlike environment. The plan failed miserably because horses can’t stand camel so they were let go into the wilderness and never seen again.”

Smart horses. I remember riding a camel once and I don’t care for them either. Now that was a funny sight, a weatherman on such a noble steed, ha, ha.

OK, enjoy the rest of your somewhat cloudy week!

Pat Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at