Letter: Enjoy freedom to express our liberty



My family and I moved from Florida to Vancouver almost seven years ago. All exploding fireworks are outlawed in Florida: sparklers and handheld items only are allowed. My kids and grandkids are thrilled at the freedom to express our independence in the way we are allowed to do here in Washington. Yes, it seems sometimes like a war zone, but what is a few hours of discomfort in the face of all the freedoms we do have?

The July 7 letter, “Noise of fireworks spurs appreciation,” from Steve Fleischmann was most poignant and very much appreciated. My wish is that every complaining person read his letter before uttering another complaint. I also urge every city council and county commission member read Fleischmann’s letter before changing anything in the present laws regarding fireworks.

In these days when seemingly so many of our freedoms are eroding, we should be proud to have this one freedom left to us. Please, council members and commissioners, do not change anything.

Dorsey Stubbs