July 13 Talking Points



Talking Points

What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


The Yankee fan did the admirable thing. He returned the ball to Derek Jeter.

The Yankees did the admirable thing, giving the fan several thousand dollars worth of tickets and merchandise.

The fan could have earned more money just from auctioning off the ball. He could have paid off all of his student loans, reportedly more than $200,000.

Instead, the Yankee fan gave the ball back and he said he would have done it for nothing.

The Yankees decided they would not take the ball back for nothing. They wanted to reward their fan for being such a fan.

Great story, huh?

Well, until the IRS got involved.

Christian Lopez might be taxed as much as $14,000 for what he received from the Yankees.

Next time, any fan might just be better off going to the auction house. Yes, the tax man will still come calling but that would be after getting a bunch of cash first.

Way to ruin a good moment, Uncle Sam.


So if Bud Selig doesn’t think the All-Star Game is that big of a deal, why should any of us?

Baseball’s commissioner said he was OK with Derek Jeter skipping out on the All-Star Game, and even said he would have done the same thing if he were in Jeter’s position.


No, we’re not asking the commish to fine Jeter for not being at the Midsummer Classic. We would have been OK if the commish did not even make a comment about Jeter’s absence.

But to say he understands and that he would do the same thing just lets any other player do the same thing in the future. Veterans would love three days off in the middle of the season.

Why don’t we just change the entire all-star format, then?

Players with five or more years of major league service are ineligible. You know, because they’re tired and exhausted.

Who cares about the fans, anyway?