Letter: Animals risked for excessive blasts



In response to Steve Fleischmann’s July 7 letter, “Noise of fireworks spurs appreciation,” I wish I had only lost a couple of hours of sleep. Instead, over the past nine days, I ended up spending countless hours in the barn trying to calm my horses. Stress in a horse can cause colic, which can result in death. The medicines my horses needed in order to endure stress were also very costly.

As of July 7, people living near Battle Ground Lake were still setting off fireworks. As a result, I intend to become far more active in the politics and make a plea to reconsider the amount of days fireworks can be sold and discharged.

Fleischmann is correct about why July 4 should be a celebration; our country’s birthday, our freedom, and showing respect for the men and women fighting for freedom. My issue is that July 4 has become an excuse for people to set off fireworks for countless days and hours with no regard for others.

To really celebrate freedom, go visit an ill vet; write letters to our overseas soldiers; teach children to stand when the American flag passes by; or when seeing a vet, say thanks.

Go ahead and celebrate with fireworks, for one day. Then spend the rest of the year thanking those responsible for freedom.

Jennifer Snapp

Battle Ground