Letter: Traditions are affected



I am so tired of listening to the same people year after year complain about the fireworks. These people won’t be happy until the city bans them completely. Which is looking very possible. Hasn’t limiting them to just four days been enough?

We live in a free country, yet every time we turn around, another of our freedoms has been taken. Obviously in the scheme of life, fireworks aren’t that big of deal, but for those of us who like to invite friends over for a barbecue and end it with a few fireworks, it becomes a big deal when grumpy, unhappy people try to ruin it. My annual July 4 barbecue is something our friends look forward to, and ending it with an array of beautiful fireworks has become my tradition. Now the city is thinking of making it illegal. Isn’t a total ban a little drastic?

I think if you looked at the people who are complaining, they are people who complain about everything that goes on in a neighborhood. Let us keep at least one day to enjoy fireworks. I’m a grandma who hasn’t forgotten her fun side and still enjoys the little things in life that bring us joy, if only for one night per year.

Cindy Reno