Bits ‘n’ Pieces: Camas photographer featured in Portland exhibit



Photography isn’t just a visual experience for Gina Williams, 42, of Camas. It’s a way to travel into a smaller, more subtle world.

“I try to find things that you wouldn’t just see with your eyes,” Williams said. “I look for things that might be underfoot, that you wouldn’t normally see.”

A series of photographs and poetry by Williams is on display through Sept. 23 at the University of Oregon’s Portland Library & Learning Commons. The show, “The View From Here, Oregon Overhead and Underfoot,” includes images from all over that state and its many ecosystems.

In one image, Williams laid on her stomach to carefully document a snail crawling across the ground. In another, a dried out set of mule deer antlers appears to grow out of a parched desert soil.

She said she loves shooting around Clark County, especially in places where she can capture images of wild birds. “Around here I love the forest trails, like around Lacamas Lake.”

Much of Williams’ work is also available on her website,

Bits ’n’ Pieces appears Mondays and Fridays. Call Courtney Sherwood at 360-735-4561.