Letter: Leave the big bangs to professionals



A significant measure to reduce complaints on the annual fireworks issue would be to abolish the sale and use of airborne fireworks devices. This would be similar to restrictions now in place in Oregon. The irritating problem with these types of fireworks is that the resulting debris migrates to the properties of non-users. Prevailing evening breezes this time of year almost ensure such incursion. Thus residents are faced with cleanup of the debris from roofs, gutters and lawns and extends well beyond the holiday to get the job done. Added to that, the risk of property damage from hot materials is a real threat.

Eliminating airborne fireworks would be a simple and common sense step but requires action by both city and county officials to be effective. There is nothing patriotic about burdening neighbors with the nuisance and threat from the use of these products. Leave the big bang shows to professionals at public displays.

Jim Huddlestun

Salmon Creek