Letter: Transition to renewable energy



There has been a very effective propaganda campaign denying climate change and the fact that humans contribute to the problem. Meanwhile, storms become more severe, glaciers rapidly melt, sea levels rise and flooding worsens, costing us dearly in treasure and lives. I believe this issue is just as major as civil rights, child labor, women’s suffrage and slavery. Many were ridiculed for speaking out on these issues. Now thousands of well-meaning scientists, with solid evidence, are being condemned, just like Copernicus was.

Ten pieces of evidence which prove climate change is real and we are accelerating the process are shrinking thermosphere; less heat escaping to space; rising tropopause; less oxygen in the air; 30 billion tons of CO2 per year; nights warming faster than days; more fossil fuel carbon in coral; cooling stratosphere; more fossil fuel carbon in the air; and more heat returning to earth.

Is it so hard to believe that by suddenly releasing into the atmosphere carbon that nature took millions of years to sequester in the Earth, we are dangerously and dramatically changing our planet?

For the sake of our children, let’s embark on an ambitious campaign to conserve and transition from a carbon-based economy to clean, renewable forms of energy.

Rich Stever