Letter: Take extreme measure: Prohibition



A couple of recently published letters to the editor have asserted that all patriotic citizens should suffer “a few hours of discomfort” caused by exploding fireworks in order to acknowledge the manifold freedoms we enjoy. A few hours? Where do these writers live?

The window-rattling, nerve-shattering, pet-frightening booming started in my east-side neighborhood on June 28 and continued through July 9. Vancouver’s legal fireworks “season” (July 1 to 4) is notoriously unenforced. The result is a ridiculously unfettered multi-day (and night) bombardment which has nothing to do with patriotic zeal. Independence Day, a once-glorious 24-hour day of patriotic celebration, has been transformed into a dreaded “season” of mindless explosions at all hours for days and days on end. It is definitely time for the mayor and city council members to enact a total ban on personal fireworks.

Reggie N. Coats