Letter: Dogs are remarkable animals



I must take umbrage at the excessive coverage being given to dog attacks, mostly breed specific. While these incidents are isolated they never fail to get press. “If it bleeds, it leads” seems to be an accurate statement. Might I suggest reporters spend some time delving into positive aspects of our canine community?

For instance, check into the Delta Society and you will find hundreds of dedicated volunteers with their “Pet Partners” doing good work throughout the community. These folks are all volunteers, spending their own money to help out where they can. These “teams” visit nursing homes, Alzheimer’s units, hospitals, cancer units, jails, and any number of places where they help out with healing and relieving stress. It’s a well-known fact that dogs can sniff out cancer, help diabetics to control blood sugar and just plain relieve anxiety in hundreds of situations. How about some positive press on these volunteers, both human and canine? At least you could give equal press to offset the one-sided reporting on random dog-related attacks.

Most dogs are good dogs. Some of these Delta Society dogs are downright remarkable. Try it, you might learn something and find a story that is interesting.

Scotty Richardson