Letter: Profit determines level of care



I have a deadly, aggressive stem cell cancer but the drug I need to save my life will not be available again until August. The manufacturer of this drug, called Doxil, has chosen to use its facilities to make more profitable drugs.

Why make a cancer drug for a few hundred thousand unlucky schmucks when you can rake in the dough with something frivolous like Botox that millions will buy? In the meantime what the heck do I do?

To hold the cancer at bay I’ve doubled up on another drug that has proven in the past to cause me permanent peripheral nerve damage. So this is the vaunted “free market” solution to health care costs in this country?

It’s an obscene example of what’s in store for us as the Republican Party forces the privatization of all our health care. Our personal and family health decisions will soon be made by accountants of corporations. Count on it, they will choose to make the most money possible for the corporation even if it means depriving people like me of a life-saving drug. It’s happening to me now.

Give me socialized national health care. At least I’d get to vote on it.

Bill Martin