Warm conditions a factor for open water races



SHANGHAI (AP) — Warm conditions will almost certainly be a factor for the open water swimming events in the world championships.

Swimming governing body FINA has arranged early morning start times for the races that start Tuesday, but the water temperature is still expected near the newly recommended limit of 88 degrees (31 Celsius) — part of a series of measures adopted following the death of American swimmer Fran Crippen in the United Arab Emirates last year.

The venue at Jinshan City Beach is about an hour drive from Shanghai. It’s a square-mile, man-made embankment, with sea water pumped in through a floodgate. The sea water is supposed to turn clear after treatment.

Crippen, a six-time U.S. national champion, died near the end of a 10-kilometer marathon World Cup event in warm temperatures. No one noticed him slip beneath the surface and his body wasn’t found until two hours later.