Letter: Feds give our money away too freely



In the July 11 story “U.S. delays military aid for Pakistan” there was the statement that “American taxpayers have committed to give.” We owe $1 billion according to Pakistan that was approved by our Defense Department several months ago.

Over the last 10 years we have paid the Pakistan government over $20 billion. This puts the burden of payment on the American taxpayers with money that we don’t have to spend, including all the pork barrel spending that our politicians give in their respective areas to help them get re-elected.

I could go on and on where our government spends money that isn’t absolutely necessary. To set the record straight I personally wouldn’t give one more dime to Pakistan. When our politicians feel like giving our money away they better start asking what we get in return, dollar for dollar. Our government has always been very generous with our money, and the only ones who end up well off are our politicians and the fat cats. Best example of this is what is happening to our middle-class Americans.

Marlin G. Dunlap