Letter: Demand more from everyone



Rants come from the left and right. It’s the other side’s fault. It’s not our fault. Nothing gets done. Both sides are too blinded by their ideology to offer anything but blame. America faces problems and we all share the blame and bear responsibility to solve the problems. We’ve become a society of dependents standing in line waiting for our piece of entitlement pie. We’ve become narcissists and materialists. We want and buy what we can’t afford, don’t need and don’t deserve, expecting others to pay the consequences of our actions.

If you need help, accept it with appreciation. But also do something to earn what you receive by giving your time or talent to help someone else. Work to find a job, gain an education, or improve your life so you don’t to continue depending on others. If you work for the government, do what’s right and in the best interests of all Americans. Be good stewards of what’s been entrusted to you. Serve everyone, not just your own base, party, union or self.

Stand with me. Demand more from yourself, friends and family, community and your government. The future of our great nation depends on it.

Stacy Walters