Letter: We pay more for less health care



In a July 3 letter, “Medical group’s gall shows,” Ricky Lee Jackson complained bitterly that members of the American Medical Association had voted to support Obamacare. He said that it is a historical fact that government control of health care has failed wherever it has been tried. That is untrue.

The June 16 story “Life expectancy in Clark County higher than the national average: U.S. lags behind about 3 dozen nations” reported on longevity of people living in various counties and listed the nations where people live longest. In every country in which longevity was greatest, the health care was provided by the state. In this study, U.S. men ranked 33rd, and U.S. women 36th, despite the fact that we spend much more per capita for health care than any other state. Our country’s health care system is notably lacking in cost effectiveness.

We pay the most for mediocre care.

Phil Harr