Letter: Embrace Bears … baseball, that is



I have a few comments regarding the Yakima Bears relocating to Vancouver. Many residents think it is a bad idea due to the potential tax increase. However, I personally think the Vancouver Bears could be great asset to our city.

I actually grew up in Yakima, so you could say I grew up with the Bears. Baseball games are great bonding experiences for families. Wouldn’t it be much more convenient to drive a few miles to watch a baseball game rather than to Tacoma or Seattle? Sure, it’s not Major League Baseball, but it’s still just as exciting.

We should embrace the Vancouver Bears with open arms. It could have a significantly positive effect on our economy as well. According to the Yakima Herald Republic, the Yakima area will lose about $206,000 in local economic impact when the team is relocated.

Sure, we will have to pay a few more taxes at first, but increasing our local economy would be a great thing in the long run. Go Bears!

Sara Berghoff